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Seoul Cosmetics leads K-beauty worldwide

CEO Message

Seoul Cosmetics
leads K-beauty worldwide

Seoul Cosmetics Chairman Han Gwang Seok, Han Jeong Soo

Han Gwang Seok, Han Jeong Soo

Seoul Cosmetics produces and exports over 500 products including professional hair products, cosmetics, quasi-drugs (hair dyes, hand sanitizers), and permanent waves.

At Seoul Cosmetics, we are betting on quality to ensure that many customers can use the highest quality products.
We promise to provide customers with high-quality, high-performance products through our know-how accumulated from our customers’ satisfaction that is built around providing better services based on customer-first management by growing into a reliable company through listening to our customers’ voices.

Even in a rapidly changing environment, we are developing products and services that meet customer needs, improving customer value through diverse marketing, and striving for continuous growth through corporate innovation.

With continuous growth, Seoul Cosmetics has obtained various certifications such as CGMP, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO22716, and has a production and quality management system recognized in the global market. We are ambitious to create a company that customers can trust through our recognitions and certifications. We ask for your continuous love and affectionate interest in our work and company, where all employees are doing their best with the corporate philosophy entailing quality innovation, technology innovation, and management innovation with a spirit of unity with customers.

In the future, Seoul Cosmetics will prioritize the value of customers, and will strive to develop further through our reasonable prices, providing best qualities, and excellent creativities in lined with our customer needs. We will do our best to be the company that puts themselves in their customer’s shoes.

Thank you for all your encouragement and love.

Yours Sincerely Han Gwang Seok,
Han Jeong Soo
CEO of Seoul Cosmetics Co., Ltd