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Production & Manufacturing System

“ Global
Manufacturing acility ”

Seoul Cosmetics manufacturing facility with its know-how and technology
endeavors for perfect quality and cutting-edge comprehensive beauty manufacture

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1. Warehousing raw materials and subsidiary goods

Only raw materials and subsidiary materials that have been judged to be fit through thorough comparison
and inspection with standard samples are received. We maintain and manage the quality of raw materials
and subsidiary materials through systematic management after warehousing.

2. Product manufacturing & production

We operate advanced automatic control processes and production lines of certified quality certification system.
We manufacture products customized for customers with raw materials and subsidiary materials.

3. Bulk and packaging management

We package products manufactured in strict safety and hygiene management in bulk and finished
products. The production process system was standardized to prevent degradation of quality due to
microbial and cross-contamination.

4. Quality control

We adhere to a thorough safety and hygiene management system and maintain thorough quality control
through comparative inspection for our finished products.
We maintain best quality products everyone can trust and use.

5. Product delivery

After manufacturing and inspecting the finished products, it is shipped through a preliminary guide service.
We provide the process of product manufacturing and production through consistent communication with customers