Seoul Cosmetics research center has
dedicated technology and
innovative ideas
that are maintained through high quality control.

R&D Department

Seoul Cosmetics is a research center with unique technology,
developing all formulations from head to toe.

The core R&D center of Seoul Cosmetics with unlimited growth potential,
was approved as an affiliated research institute in May 2004. To develop the world's best products,
we have been operating hair care research institute and skin care research institute since 2009.

We are striving to develop products that satisfy consumers by combining proprietary technologies
such as patent formulations and nanotechnology based on innovative ideas. Based on the core
competencies obtained through the implementation of government tasks,
we are constantly developing formulations that have proven technology and efficacy unique to Seoul Cosmetics.
We are developing safe cosmetics through accelerated tests by temperature and challenge tests to ensure product safety.

In line with global trends, vegan certification and non-animal testing ingredients are
first applied for green cosmetics development.
We are developing formulations suitable for EU Regulations and FDA Regulations.
Through overseas technical training and regular domestic and foreign market research,
we are making every effort to meet the needs of various consumers in the world.

Center Operation Policy

and stability
  • Formulation development

    Strive to research and develop new products to meet customer needs.

  • Secure efficacy effect

    Develop products with proven efficacy and effectiveness through testing with clinical institutions.

  • Secure safety and stability

    Only develop products that anyone can safely use.