Seoul Cosmetics research center has
dedicated technology and
innovative ideas
that are maintained through high quality control.

Research Achievements

Government-funded research projects

2013 ~ 2015
Ganghwa Specialty Health Care Materials Global Product Development Promotion Project
2012 ~ 2013
Development of foam type hair dye
2011 ~ 2014
3G-Bio-linked eco-friendly biomaterials upgrade project
2012 ~ 2015
Development of new materials and product development to suppress skin activation and aging control factor
(CCN-1) using bio-derived extracts from Jeju
2013 ~ 2015
Development of functional cosmetic materials using microbial metabolomics of traditional fermentation
2011 ~ 2012
Development of whitening cosmeceutical materials and cosmetics derived from corn
2008 ~ 2010
Development of Hair Color Product with Hair Protecting function using Silicone Polymer Complex
2007 ~ 2008
Development of cosmetic foam formulations containing low-boiling liquid and high-boiling gas
2006 ~ 2007
Development of dye for protecting scalp using natural dye and mordant

Thesis performances

2013 ~ 2015
Research on nanoemulsions from Jeju oilseed rapeseeds-Journal of the Korean Chemical Society
2012 ~ 2013
Retinol stabilization study using chitosan alginate-IFSCC
2011 ~ 2014
Study on the effect of aminobutylic acid obtained by fermentation of glutamate by Lactobacillus-Food biotechnolohy


Oxidation type hair dye composition for protecting scalp
Herbal composition for preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth and its manufacturing method
Hypoallergenic bath oil cleaner composition
Hypoallergenic bath oil cleaner composition
Structure of the dual mode liquid jet container
Non-repairing fermented extract using Lactobacillus pentosus-GFC LP strain and other manufacturing method
Skin cleanser composition with moisturizing activity
Cosmetic composition for preventing skin damage caused by ultraviolet rays and alleviating scalp irritation
containing microalgae extract
Cosmetic containers