뚜라비 예그리나 바벨 히솝 수월 서매


Product Name

TOURAVI HAIR MANICURE PLATINUM [Hair manicure for professional use]

Product Number



Volume : 200 g/400 g


Vivid color expression - Adding more than 5.5% of AHA components extracted from fresh fruit acids

enable to express vivid color. Lily extract can prevent color change from ultraviolet light.

Damaged hair protection - To stimulate Glycoszminoglycan biosynthesis of epidermis, give elasticity and

moisture to damaged hair.

Water retention of hair - Containing lily extract keep moist of health hair, supply moist to damaged hair.

Give gloss -Micro emulsion less than 40 nano meter gives conditioning effect and gloss of hair.


Vivid color, Excellent moisturizing ability

How to use

Color selection : Choose color considering existing hair color.

Shampoo : Rinsing clean before treatment after shampoo, dry 80~90% of hair with towel.

Primer coating : Spread pH balance product to express vivid color and to suppress decolorization.

Combing : Combing the hair section divided with 4 divisions evenly.

Embrocation : Apply contents not to touch to scalp and skin with care.

Leave as it is : Heat Treatment 15~20minutes + Natural leave 10~15 minutes.

Finish : Acidic Shampoo & Rinse