뚜라비 예그리나 바벨 히솝 수월 서매


Product Name

Hyssop Perfecen Smoothie Milky Hair Essence

Product Number



Volume :
300 ml


Gently melts in the hand to spread as milk. Leaves the hair hydrated and smooth without stickiness

and uplifts you with the tangy scent of flowers and fruit.

Nutritious Hair – Contains effective hair protectors with nutrients for healthier hair.

Moisture Hair – Contains natural moisturizing factors and Pro-Vitamin B5 to prevent splitting

and enhance hydration.

Coating Hair – The hydrophilic silicon coats the hair for smoother, shinier hair

How to use

Massage onto the damaged area (split or discolored tips, rough hair, etc) of slightly wet or dry hair

after shampooing and apply evenly for volumizing.