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Date : 17-06-16 11:56
for OEM scalp products from Taiwan
 Writer : Pauline
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Good Morning

Sorry for writing this mail to you but I have to.

Allow me to describe as follows, this is Pauline Lu and comes from Taiwan.

Golden Gloria is an agency of Milbon and IGK is sub company. We would like
to have our hair department therefore we look for OEM.

We have reached and started to try the samples of OEM scalp related

To be honored and going to build further relationship with Seoul Cosmetic

So far Eunji Ko is good at this field and profession except will be
disappeared sometimes.

It is really bother us that this is the second time we can’t reach your
staff EUNJI ,KO, Overseas Sales Team.

She is already late for the samples and serious impact our schedule. Now
there is no response and can’t get reach her.

We think it is basic attitude to inform her clients if she is busy or in
business trip .

The basic characteristics of sales should be check emails all the time and
prompt reply the clients .

Following picture is last mail that she informed me. Then disappear……

Attached please find mails. And would you help me to forward her supervisor
or manager of department.

We are waiting for the samples and getting to do the market survey for our
key accounts.

If there is difficulty for preparation and notify us to cooperate. We still
wait for her reply and keep going on the schedule.

We know we are not big account now but I believe we will be in the
following years.

I appreciate your help and pay attention on this matter.

Thanks so much.

Sincerely yours,

Pauline Lu